2018 Year 1 TA Training Course

This training course will give people further in-depth understanding of Transactional Analysis so they can apply it to themselves and the work they are involved in.  

One of the comments I often hear in organisations is: "this person has no awareness of the difficulties, conflicts and destruction they are causing in our workplace"

Who is it available to?

Anyone who wants to develop themselves and their capacity to interact in a more effective and meaningful way in their world - personal, family, friends and with their colleagues, students ...

The course will be especially useful for:

  • Organisational consultants and trainers, organisational development and HR professionals and managers;
  • Educators, School Principals, Early childhood teachers, Teachers - primary or secondary, Teacher Aids
  • Nurses, and Nurse Educators
  • Coachers, Counsellors
  • Youth workers, Social workers
  • Anyone working with people

For those who want to become psychotherapists, there are other trainers throughout New Zealand who offer this specialisation.

When people start to understand TA they usually say, "Why didn't I know about this year's ago.  It would have made a huge difference in my life, relationships and workplace.  I wouldn't have made the mistakes I have made"

What is the length of the course

There are 4 modules of a 3 day duration over a 9 month period.  The days will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The dates are:
April 6, 7, 8   
June 15, 16, 17    
August 3, 4, 5
October 5, 6, 7 

Friday:  8.30am to 5pm
Saturday:  8.30am to 5pm
Sunday:  8.30am to 4pm (this is to allow those travelling sufficient time to get flights home)

This will give you 86 Training hours

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How will my organisation benefit?

Having an in-depth knowledge of TA helps untangle the difficulties when they develop.  Even better still, it gives you the knowledge and skills to set up strategies and processes so there are more effective options that reduce the likelihood of them happening in the first place.  And you will have ability to stop, breath and identify what is happening - analyse - and effect workable outcomes.

This is how Stephanie saw the value of the training for herself and her organisation:
"... It has increased my understanding of myself and enhanced my performance as a practitioner; ultimately having a positive influence on the individuals and organisations who are my customers.  We saw a marked increase in the positive impact that our leadership development programmes had once the TA approach was introduced, as measured by the participants and the participants managers and colleagues..."

Stephanie White
Organisational Development  Practitioner

What recognition and/or qualifications can I apply this training to?

At the completion of the year's training trainees will: 

*  present a learning log over an 8 month period which will show the reflective application of TA theory both personally and to the trainee's field of application, e.g. educator, consultant, trainer, nurse ...

*  present a four 2000 word essays will show the trainee's knowledge of the theory and how they apply it to their filed of expertise or interest.  For those people attending this course for their personal development (not interested in the application to a particular job, role or field), the theory will show how they have applied it to their personal growth.

*  Completed 10 hours of supervision.  Six of these sessions will be with the trainer and the other 4 can be with another person.  (Mandy Lacy is another qualified TA trainer in the organisational field)

(If a trainee has a learning challenge, alternative opportunities are available for the trainee to present the application of their learning.)

The learning log, essays and supervision can also be in conjunction with the following awards:

TA Personal Development Awards- for those who want confirmation and recognition that they have applied TA to their life generally.  Handbook available

TA Proficiency Awards - For Teachers and Educators, Caregivers and Parents, Helpers and Assistants, Children and Young People.  Handbook available

TA Vocational Awards - For those whose work involves an element of people skills.  Handbook available

TA Practitioner Award - For those who are already qualified  in the 'helping' professions in a field other than TA and who show how well they are incorporating Developmental TA into their professional practise.

Certificate in Developmental TA - For people who work in any field and who evidence their professional application of Developmental TA theory to that field.  This is a Post Graduate Certificate provided through the Middlesex University.  Handbook available for this qualification as well as for TA Practitioner Award

Check out an overview of the various awards

Course Content

​Module I


Group Process I

Ego States - Development, Structural and Functional  
Exclusions and Contaminations,


Life Positions - Development,
Fundamental stance and
behavioural model 

Learning Log development

Application of the theory to self and field of interest - 
Organisations, Education, Coaching,
Personal Development etc

 Module II

Group Process II

Strokes and Stroke Economy

Time Structuring

Psychological Games




Learning Log development

Application of the theory to self and field of interest
- Organisations, Education, Coaching, 
Personal Development etc
 Module III

Group Process III

Cathexis - Discounting, Redefining,
Passive Behaviours

Scripts, Script Matrix, Injunctions,
Counter-injunctions, Programming

Personality Adaptations

Working Styles

Learning Log development

Application of the theory to self and field of interest - 
Organisations, Education, Coaching, 
Personal Development etc
 Module IV

Group Process IV

Organisational Development, the impact of script on cultural
dynamics.emerging change, games and stroking patterns

Cycles of Development

Autonomy & Authenticity

Impact of TA theory development over the decades on practical application
Putting it all together - The Health Metaphor

Learning Log development

Application of the theory to self and field of interest - 
Organisations, Education, Coaching, 
Personal Development etc

This course is open to any individual who wants to grow and learn and become more self-aware.  So come with an open mind as treat yourself to a year of enlightment both personally and professionally.


For those fully employed in organisations the cost of the course is $5,000 plus GST  or approximately $416 per day - great value given the cost of most other organisational training)

For those who are on low wages there are 2 sponsorships available:  $1,560 plus GST or $130 per day.  You will need to apply promptly to be considered for this sponsorship as it will be on a first in, first served basis.

For those wishing to pay up front for the full course cost ($5,000) there will be a 5% discount.  Alternatively invoices will be provided prior to each module and payable prior to or at the time of the training.

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For clarification on any matters relating to this course please email or phone Anne 021 450 186